Women’s long haircuts

Long hair has always been considered a woman’s jewellery and an indication of her beauty. So if you want to look romantic, elegant and feminine, check out the list of stylish women’s long haircuts. You will definitely choose a variant that will emphasize the advantages of your appearance and hide the shortcomings.

Variants of haircuts for long hair

Cascade and haircut based on it (Italian, rhapsody, shaggy, debut)

Cascade is a universal haircut that fits medium to long hair. It is deservedly popular, as it is suitable for any type of hair and for all facial shapes. Cascade is cut in layers: thanks to this, the haircut looks voluminous and dynamic.

Italian woman (aurora) and rhapsody – hairstyles made on the basis of cascade. Despite some common features, they have their own characteristics.

  • Unlike the cascade, the rhapsody and the aurora have a more pronounced fillet, the ends of the strands look sharp and resemble “feathers”.
  • Classic rhapsody implies the presence of volume in the parietal zone, which gradually decreases by the end of the strands, and the Italian on the top.

The best and easiest way to install a cascade, rhapsody and aurora is to dry it with a hair dryer and diffuser. The result is a voluminous and slightly ruffled hairstyle. For romantic styling, use a flat or iron.

Cutting shaggy (or shaggy) looks bold and bold on long hair. Its main difference is its slippery and carelessness. Cutting is done on the same principle as the cascade, but the filtration is carried out not with scissors, but with a special razor. As a result, the hair turns out more thin and shaggy. Shaggy is styled with a hair dryer with a diffuser. Styling products such as gel, mousse and wax can be used to give the hairstyle a texture.

Another kind of cascade haircut is the debut. Its distinctive feature is that the hair is trimmed in a horseshoe shape, thus beautifully framing the face semicircle. Cutting this type of hair is recommended for energetic girls who are not ready to spend time on long styling. After all, even without special styling products, hairstyling looks fashionable and fun: you just need to dry your hair with a hairdryer using brushing.

Laying down a ladder is very easy. During the hairdryer drying process, the side strands are slightly bent inwards by brushing. It is also possible to pull the hair out with an iron, carefully turning the tips to the face. To get romantic styling of the strand you need to twist it with a flat strip.


Traditionally, the rack is perceived as a haircut for medium hair. But if you want to make a hair cut while keeping your hair long, it’s no problem! You can choose your favourite haircut option from the list below:

Double rack (or cap on long hair)

To create it, hair is first processed in the upper zone and then in the lower zone. The upper part of the haircut can look like a classic square frame or a haircut for lengthening. The lower area is treated in any suitable way: you can cut a cascade or a ladder. The main requirement is a thorough daily stacking, otherwise, the haircut will lose its flavour. Hair can be styled with a diffuser, iron or flat.

Carre for lengthening

The length of the haircut is not uniform: it is shorter at the back than at the sides. The popularity of this haircut has been maintained for the last ten years, chosen by IT-girls and energetic businesswomen. The undoubted advantage of the lengthening frame is the visual correction of the face shape. Traditionally, this haircut is laid out, pulling the entire length of the iron and slightly bending the ends of the hair inside. It can be done not only on straight but also on curly hair.

The classic straight frame (elongated)

The main requirement for this haircut is strict geometry: the hair is cut straight. A classic hair rack can have long, short bangs or an open forehead. The trendy variant of haircut – with bangs up to eye level.


Gavroche is a hot haircut, mostly chosen by girls. Its distinctive feature is short, profiled and soaked hair on the top of the head and elongated sharp whiskey. Hair is subjected to deep filleting, which is done with a blade.

Daily styling will be required to emphasize the texture of the hair and emphasize profiled strands. You can create a bold look with the volume on the top: short hair needs to be ruffled and varnished. For a more conservative look, hair can be styled with brushing, twisting the tips to the face.


Sesson is the invention of the famous stylist Vidal Sassoun, which was named after him. Haircuts were fashionable for women in the 60s and 70s of the last century, but a few seasons ago the popularity returned to it again.

Sesson is carried out according to a rather complicated scheme, so it is necessary to address only to an experienced master. Haircuts are performed on the fingers on the control strand. Each subsequent strand is pulled at an angle of 10-15°.

Haircuts emphasize the smoothness of the hair and give hair extra volume, so it virtually eliminates the need for styling. Sesson is always complemented by an archy thick bangs to the eyebrows. Brunettes and redheads are the most common choice, as the contrast between hair colour and skin emphasizes the shape of the hairstyle. But this does not mean that the session is prohibited for blondes.

Basically the session is cut on short curls, but can also be done on long straight hair. There is only one limitation: sessoon is not suitable for wavy and curly hair, as it requires a strict geometry.


If you’re young, brazen, and used to defying society, a trash haircut is what you need. Its distinctive feature is the imitation of using artificial strands. Traditionally, trash haircut is performed on long hair on the basis of the usual cascade or aurora.

To emphasise the unusual appearance, the haircut is complemented by a creative form of bangs – shaped, asymmetrical, shortened or elongated. Colouring of individual strands in acidic colours – green, pink, blue and others – is welcome.

Laying should be as non-standard as possible. For example, it is possible to make an iroquois, a comb on the top of the head or the corrugation.

Asymmetrical haircut

Asymmetry allows you to correct the facial contours, hide the defects of appearance (for example, to distract attention from a large nose), give the image more boldness or elegance. Asymmetry can affect the entire haircut or just the bangs.

An excellent variant of asymmetrical long hairstyles – a carriage for elongation, cascade, with a shaved temple, thrash and gavroche.

Haircuts with a shaved temple

A few years ago, asymmetrical haircuts with shaved temples were found only among representatives of subcultures, but today this trend has become a fashionable trend. Such hairstyles are chosen by the stars Natalie Dormer, Rihanna and Kelly Osborne.

Haircuts like this go well with long hair. They help to create a nontrivial image: on the one hand, romantic and sophisticated, and on the other – rebellious and daring. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you can cover the shaved side with long hair for a while – then you will look more conservative.

Usually only one temple is shaved and long strands are combed to the side. The length of hair on the shaved side can be either “zero” or 0.5-1 cm. You can add more shade to your hair if you decorate the shaved side with figured patterns – zigzags, cobwebs, hearts.

Before you choose such a bold hairstyle, soberly assess whether it suits you. The shaved temple is able to emphasize the drawbacks of appearance: dandruff and rash on the scalp. Such a haircut makes you follow certain rules: wear fashionable clothes, make up brightly and monitor the condition of the face skin, as any bold hairstyle attracts attention to it.

Volumetric long hair clippings

Haircuts that add visual volume to hair are the perfect solution for women with fine and rare hair. It can be any layered variants (cascade, Italian, rhapsody, double rack, etc.)

Long haircuts have been the most popular for centuries. Romantic and refined, elegant and sexy, they help to create feminine and attractive images for young girls and mature women.

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