Which bangs are suitable for a round face

The choice of the right haircut depends largely on the shape of the face. This is especially true for round-faced girls: they tend to visually stretch out the face and bring it as close as possible to the oval. To cope with this task you need to find the right bangs for a round face.

How to determine the type of face?

Distinctive features of the owners of the round face:

  • Approximately the same length and width of the face.
  • A narrow, rounded lower jaw and a neat chin.
  • Low forehead (small distance between eyebrows and hairline).
  • The widest part of the face is the cheekbones.

Ways to determine the shape of the face:

  • With the help of special computer programs. There are websites that provide online haircut selection services. All you need to do is upload your photo to this site. This automatically takes into account the ratio of the length and width of the face, the shape of the chin, cheekbones and forehead.
  • With the help of a mirror and lipstick. Remove the hair from the face, collecting them in a high tail or bundle. Stand in front of the mirror at arm’s length. Trying to keep your face still, use lipstick to circle the contour of your face’s reflection on the surface of the mirror. Stand back and evaluate the results. Finally, wipe the mirror with a soft cloth or tissue.
  • Use a centimetre of tape. Visually determine which part of the face is the widest and measure it (for a round face, it is usually the cheekbones and cheeks). Then measure the length of the face from the hairline to the edge of the chin. Compare the ratio of length to width: for a round face, this is about 1:1. A difference of 2-3 cm is considered acceptable.

Variants for round face

Among the great variety of chekas you can choose your own:

Straight. A long straight bangs up to the middle of the forehead and a light filleting are suitable for a round face, but a straight cut will visually shorten the face and make it even wider. Short bangs will have to be abandoned, as it will attract attention to a narrow forehead. If you like the long version, slightly covering the eyebrows, make a filiration on the lower edge of the bangs.

Slanting. With its help it is possible to effectively stretch the face, visually turning it into an oval. It can be a slanting, torn bangs (up to the eyebrows) or elongated (just below the cheekbone line).

Lengthened. There are two optimal solutions for you – a long bangs below the cheekbone line or ending 2-3 cm above the chin.

Asymmetrical bangs. The best solution is to open one side of the forehead and hide the other.

Figured. Depending on the shape (in the form of a penguin, corner, arch, etc.), this type of bangs can both distract attention from the excessive roundness of the face, and emphasize it. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to weigh up all the pros and cons well and address only an experienced master.

Round. It is better to refuse from this option, as it further expands the face.

Drifted. It is undesirable to make the bangs too short, as it will further emphasize the full face. Pay attention to the well profiled bangs of medium length – elongated or oblique. Thanks to its lightness (especially if the hair is thin), it will distract attention from the cheekbones and balance the proportions of the face.

Thick. A thick bangs will cope well with the task of hiding the forehead and pulling out the oval face. But its lower edge should be profiled, as a flat cut will make your hair heavy.

Rare. Strictly forbidden is a strong graduation, as it almost completely opens the forehead. The optimal variant is a slight graduation, due to which the bangs will look light and airy.

Multi-layered. Layered hairstyles are perfect for round-faced women. The same applies to the bangs. The more volume it will be, the more elongated the face will seem.

Haircuts and bangs

Long hair

Long hair perfectly copes with its main task – they visually stretch and balance the proportions of the round face. Multi-layered, filtered hairstyles look great. For example, a ladder or cascade with soft transitions of layers.

  • The ideal solution for long hair is a slanting bangs, combed on the side or removed behind one ear.
  • If you have a cascade, it is better to supplement it with an asymmetrical bangs, one side of which will open the forehead, and the other – to fall below the cheekbone line.
  • If you have a ladder, you can adjust the shape of your face with a bangs just below the cheekbones or up to your chin. With a soft frame and a shift of accent from the cheekbones, this type of bangs is the best way to pull out the round features of the face.

Medium hair

If you like medium-length hair, choose an A-bob below the chin, cascade or rack.

  • If you like the carriage, avoid the shortened version (to the middle of your cheeks) and the carriage on the leg: these haircuts focus on the roundness of your face. It’s best to pay attention to a graduated edge just below the chin line or shoulder length. With the carriage and A-bob will look good elongated, asymmetrical, straight (just below the eyebrows) or oblique bangs.
  • Fans of the cascade will find an elongated (well profiled), multi-layered, thick or oblique bangs, carelessly tucked behind the ear.

The main requirement for medium length hairstyles for round-faced girls is the presence of volume in the area of the back of the head or crown, as well as the lack of straight lines and clear contours. The side strands should gently frame the cheekbones, pulling out the face.

Short hair

Choosing a short hairstyle that matches a round face is not an easy task. Short hair opens it too much, once again emphasizing the wide cheekbones and puffy cheeks.

The main task in this case is to balance the proportions of the face with the additional volume on the top or back of the head and to choose the right bangs. To achieve this, you will have to give up hairstyles that have a rounded shape (pazh, sesssun) and ultra-short variants of garson and pixie.

Variants for short haircuts and a round face:

  • Choose a well profiled bangs, cut with feathers and placed on the side. Its length should be just below the cheekbone line.
  • The perfect solution is a long bangs up to the earlobe or slightly lower. This option is a stylish addition to short haircuts, as it not only visually pulls out the shape of the face, but also creates an original contrast with the main length of hair.
  • Asymmetrical bangs, opening one half of the forehead and complemented by filiration, are also suitable.
  • The owners of a straight bangs, profiled on the lower edge, can visually extend the face, combing it up and slightly ruffled. But it is not necessary to make a Mohawk.

What’s the best way

Haircuts with a straight line make your hair symmetrical, complete with a long bangs that balance the proportions of your face. The best option is a slanting parting. It visually shifts the centre of the haircut, making the face seem more elongated.

Bangs stacking options

  • A win-win solution – a voluminous solution, combed on the side of the bangs. It can be fixed with a miniature pin or invisible.
  • It is not necessary to comb the bangs too smoothly upwards, as well as to make it into an iroquois.
  • If you like your hair, do it on the top and cover it with a long, smooth bangs. This styling raises the top of the head, visually pulling out the face.
  • Abandon the excess styling products, as they visually weight your hair, making it massive.
  • You can slightly twist the long bangs with a flat or iron, giving it a slight waviness or curling curls.
  • Slanting or elongated version will look stylish, if you turn your hair slightly inside with the help of ironing.
  • Want to add extra volume to a filleted bangs? Then dry it with brushing.

If you want to get a stylish hairstyle that hides your shortcomings and emphasizes the advantages, take the choice of bangs with special attention.

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