Kare’s haircut

Fashion on the carpet has remained the same for several thousand years. This haircut was the hallmark of the famous Cleopatra, it was worn in medieval Europe, and in the 20s of the twentieth century, the kare became a real must-have for every fashionable woman. And today it is still at the peak of popularity!

Types of haircut


A classic cutter bar is a medium length cut with a strict geometry. When creating a hairstyle master cuts hair at one level – below the earlobe, but above the shoulders. In the classic version, the haircut is always complemented by straight bangs – up to the eyebrows or shortened (French version).

Despite the huge prevalence of the classic carriage, there are other variants of this hairstyle. For example, along with the traditional type of hairstyle, the short, elongated, angled, leg and so on are particularly popular today. They differ from each other in terms of technique, appearance and laying methods.

On elongation (rack with an angle)

This type of medium hair clipping is very popular. It is worn by many stars: Victoria Beckham, Rihanna, Lera Kudryavtseva.

The lengthening rack has short hair at the back and elongated front strands. The length of the haircut varies: the side strands can be up to the chin, to the middle of the neck, to the shoulders or to the collarbone. Hair can be cut very briefly on the back of the head. The more noticeable the difference between the length of the strands on the back and sides is, the more extravagant the haircut will be. If you want to get a restrained and feminine look, choose an elongation rack with a small angle formed by the back and front strands. The chek and parting can be any.

The advantage of this haircut is its versatility: it fits most women of all ages. It balances facial proportions, gives hair extra volume, helps create a feminine and bold look and is easy to style.

The only limitation you need to remember when choosing an elongation carat is the absence of dry sliced ends, as this form of hairstyle implies a perfect condition of the hair shaft.

Graduated rack

It’s a combination of a classic haircut and a cascade. The graded block is multi-layered and fills the strands: it can be light or noticeable (feathers and teeth). Thanks to the filiration, the hair gets additional volume. This type of carriage is suitable for the owners of rare hair.

Hair lengths can vary: haircuts are made on long (just below the shoulders), medium and short hair. When choosing a bangs, the best option is a long, graduated haircut.

The advantage of a graduated frame is the ease of styling. Even if you don’t have time, you can just dry your hair with a hairdryer, lifting it slightly at the roots with your fingers. Another plus is its versatility: the haircut is suitable for straight, wavy and curly hair.

Graduated haircuts are a choice for those who are not ready to get their hair cut often. Even grown fillets look stylish and feminine. Also, this haircut can visually make its owner younger.

Cara’s on the leg.

It’s a kind of short hair clipping. Its distinctive feature is the short hair clipping on the back of the head. The edging of the back of the head can be oval, triangular, arched or straight. The length of the strands at the front and sides can be up to the cheekbone line, to the chin or shoulders. The classical variant of the leg carriage implies a flat bottom line of hair cut. But it is also possible to make the lower edge of the haircut torn or filleted. Bob-car on the leg – extravagant option, which is most often chosen by girls.

When choosing this haircut, pay attention to your neck, as it can highlight its shortcomings. If you have a long beautiful neck, feel free to make a carriage on the leg. Girls who have it full or short, it is better to look for another type of carriage – for example, the elongated one.

The main advantage of a leg care is the creation of additional volume in the area of the top and bottom. Thanks to this, the haircut is the ideal solution for the owners of fine and rare hair. It looks great even without additional styling. Because of this, the leg rest is often chosen by busy women. All you have to do for styling is blow-dry your hair with a hairdryer, lifting it up at the roots with a round brush. If you don’t have time at all, just dry the hair dryer by tilting your head down or using a diffuser.

Short hair on the back of the head needs frequent correction and a hairdresser will have to visit at least 1-2 times a month.


This haircut is popular with celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Kathy Holmes and Marion Kotiyar.

It’s a great option for short hair, but it’s also suitable for medium to long strands. This hairstyle is versatile, easy to maintain and does not require complicated styling. Bob-carry with or without bangs makes the owner visually younger and more energetic, the haircut looks good, both in the office and in a nightclub.

The scheme of the bob-car is slightly reminiscent of the technology of creation of the bob-car on the leg: on the back of the head, hair is cut shorter than the front and side. The classic variant implies the presence of a rounded silhouette and a relatively small difference between the length of hair on the back and front of the head.

But nowadays, a more daring kind of haircut is especially popular – a bean-car with an elongation. Front and side strands in this version are much longer than the occipital strands. No less popular is the asymmetrical bean carriage: it looks creative, so it is chosen mainly by young women and girls.

Thanks to the hair graduation, a rounded silhouette of hair are created, which is able to visually adjust the shape of the face of its owner. The haircut is harmoniously combined with all kinds of foreheads and partings and is well suited for dying – for example, melting or broom.

This fashionable haircut is suitable for hair of any thickness and structure. But short and full women need to be careful when choosing it: the rounded contour of the hairstyle can make them more stocky.

Asymmetrical frame

A fashionable haircut that gives the image of its owner a rebellious note. Its main feature is the different length of the front strands on the left and right.

The asymmetrical frame is made on the hair of any length. In recent years, this haircut has been especially popular, with side strand extensions on one side of the face. When styling an elongated asymmetrical roller, the hair is combed on the side and varnished. This haircut is best combined with a carefully profiled long bangs to the chin.

Lengthened frame

His fans include Olivia Palermo, Charlize Theron, Emma Stone, Sandra Bullock, Selena Gomez. A long carriage is an intermediate variant between long hair and medium haircuts. It is suitable for women who are not ready to part with long hair but want to bring something new to their appearance.

When it is created, the wizard cuts the hair at shoulder or collarbone level. The cut can be straight, graded or torn. Side strands, framing the face, are smoothly shaped or in the form of a ladder. A long carriage looks good with or without bangs.

Such haircut practically does not demand daily packing and special care. You just need to keep your hair healthy and shiny – then your hair will have a great look.

Double kare

If you have long or medium hair, pay attention to the double rack. It allows you to keep the original length of your hair. The principle of cutting hair is as follows: the top part of the hair is trimmed according to the principle of the bean, while the bottom part remains intact or is slightly filtered. The result is a rounded cap on the top.

Double rack makes the image bright and creative, but it requires daily styling. Otherwise, the cap will be almost invisible.


It’s a beautiful way to decorate a medium hair rack. It looks best on straight strands, in which case the cutting structure becomes more visible. When creating a staircase, the hair is first cut to the type of classical frame, and then the front strands are decorated with a staircase.

The haircut looks soft and feminine, bringing the oval face closer to its perfect shape. But it should be kept in mind that the profiled front strands grow quickly and need frequent correction.


The haircut is performed according to the same principle as the graduated frame. Its main difference is that the filtration is made not with scissors, but with a special hairdresser’s blade. As a result, the hair tips resemble feathers or sharp cogs, and the cut itself turns out to be more daring and dishevelled. A torn carrot is best combined with a thinned, carefully profiled bangs, zigzag or lateral sampling.

With the whiskey shaved

Selected whiskey is a bold trend that has remained popular over the past few seasons. Natalie Dormer, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus choose hair with shaved whiskey.

A whisky cabaret with a shaved whiskey is performed on medium length hair. His hallmark is shaving the hair on one or both whiskies. The result is a bold and feminine asymmetrical hairstyle at the same time. You can hide short hair on the whisky if you like by simply changing the hair parting and combing the strands on your side.

The selected whisky can be combined with any type of carriage – classic, elongated, torn, graduated, etc. To emphasize the asymmetry of the hairstyle, complement it with a side fence and long bangs, combed on the side.

How to choose a haircut?

In order to choose the best option for the cut, you need to consider the original length of your hair, structure and type of face. In this case, the hairstyle will improve your look and hide the defects of appearance – sharp features, too narrow or wide forehead, a large nose.

Hair length

Long ones. If you are not ready to part with the long hair, pay attention to the elongated or double rack.

Medium length. For medium hair lengths: classic, elongated, graduated and ladder hair.

Short hair. Short hair is best cut on the leg or bean.

By hair type

Thin. For fine hair, a graduated and asymmetrical hair rack, an elongated haircut, a beaver rack and a leg are suitable. To make your hair look more voluminous, don’t use a straight cut and a flat, blunt cut bangs. Pay attention to the elongated oblique bangs combed on the side and the side parting.

Thick. Thick hair is the ideal solution for creating a classic, elongated and asymmetrical carriage. If the hair is very thick and heavy, it can be thinned.

Wavy hair. Wavy hair is used for all types of carriage, except for the ladder. Light waves make hair careless and romantic.

Straightforward. The ideal solution for all types of carriages.

Curly. Curls allow you to create a three-dimensional frame. Avoid short haircuts, as they resemble dandelions on curly hair. Also, the ladder is not suitable, because the smooth transition of the front strand length is invisible.

With bangs. The choice of bangs depends on the shape of the face and hair structure. Straight and thick hair is suitable for creating a profiled, elongated or straight bangs.

Disobedient soft hair can be profiled and thinned out.

Without bangs. If you have a beautiful forehead and an oval face, you can use any kind of haircut without bangs.

Sample. The choice of the sample should be based on the shape of the face. If you have a square, round or triangular face, choose a side or zigzag sample. If your face has an oval shape, you can afford direct sampling.

Haircutting allows you to create different images: with her you can be an elegant and sophisticated lady, a romantic dreamer or a daring rebel. It all depends on the selected hairstyle option, her styling and you will not go unnoticed.

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