Italian haircut

Do you like light and voluminous hairstyles that are versatile and easy to clean? Pay attention to the Italian haircut, it looks dynamic and fashionable, combining almost any style – from shocking grunge to feminine romance.

Features of haircut

The Italian woman’s haircut (or, as she is also called, aurora) owes its appearance to the stylist Orlando Tossi. In 1983, a music festival was held in Sanremo, where the attention of the public was attracted by the new hairstyle of singer Titiana Rivalet, who was recently trimmed by Tossy.

Maximum popularity of the haircut was in the 80s and the first half of the 90s, after which the haircut was undeservedly forgotten. However, over the past few years it has become popular again.

Italian and cascade: what are their differences?

The principle of making these hairstyles is similar: they are cut in layers, the ends of the hair in both cases are filtered. But there are also differences: for example, the Italian woman looks larger, with a hat on the top and more pronounced “feathers”.


Among the advantages of haircutting the Italian woman is the following:

  • You can do it on hair of any length.
  • Combines with different types of chekas.
  • Has several styling options and takes a minimum of time with hair dryer holder stand.
  • Allows you to adjust the oval face.
  • Gives additional volume to hair.
  • Haircuts are suitable for women of all ages and styles.


  • Haircuts are not suitable for curly hair.
  • It is necessary to correct the grown-up strands often.
  • If you have a large head and relatively narrow shoulders, it is better to refuse the Italian woman, as she will additionally emphasize this feature of the figure.
  • Some hairdressers do not distinguish the Italian haircut from the cascade, so you can get not what you expected. It is recommended to address to the skilled master, having preliminary shown to it a photo of the chosen haircut.
  • Haircuts are characterized by a complex technique, so it is very difficult to get a haircut at home.

Italian haircut options

Long hair.

A great option for young girls who prefer romantic images. Due to the volume in the top and strand filleting, this haircut looks very feminine on long hair.

On medium hair

Depending on your wishes, the master can create two variants of Italian woman – bold or feminine.

In the first case, the hair is very strongly filtered, make a torn or shortened bangs. The second option assumes a smaller volume on the top and less pronounced filiration.

For short hair

This haircut is usually chosen by active women who do not have time for a long daily hairstyling. A short hairstyle will rejuvenate you and give you a touch of dynamism.

For men.

There are two cutting options – short and medium hair. Men’s haircut is complemented by a long profiled bangs. Whiskey can be short or long.

Styling is especially popular, when hair in the area of the parietal area and the top of the head are carelessly combed back and forth and fixed with wax or gel.

Who fits an Italian

To choose the best variant of haircut you need to take into account the features of your face and hair:

Hair structure

  • Curly. This is not the best option for creating an Italian haircut, as its shape can be lost in the abundance of curls.
  • Wavy. If the hair is slightly curled, it will give the haircut even more volume and playfulness. But you need to understand that styling it is harder.
  • Straightforward. Since the Italian woman is made in layers, she looks voluminous and stylish on straight hair.
  • Thin and rare. Cutting gives hair a visual volume, so it fits well with thin and rare curls.
  • Thick. If the hair is too thick and difficult to style, when cutting, you can well profile the bottom layer of hair.

Face oval

  • Oval. The owner of such an oval face will be suitable for any type of haircut.
  • Round. You will have to give up short haircut in favor of medium and long haircut. On the top of the head make an additional volume, visually pulling the round face. The bangs are oblique, elongated and slightly profiled. It is better to refuse from very short and straight bangs.
  • Square. Side strand fillets are used to soften facial features. The check is better to choose – slanting or elongated.
  • Rectangular (elongated). Cutting up to shoulder lengths with voluminous profiled strands at whisky level is suitable. Excessive volume on the top should be avoided.
  • Triangular. It is necessary to refuse hairstyles with excessive volume on the top. To brighten up the miniature chin and a wide line of cheekbones helps to cut a haircut with torn strands just below the chin and a long filleted bangs.


  • Straight ahead. Not suitable for women with a round, square, elongated face.
  • Side. Gives to a hairstyle asymmetry at the expense of what does its more dynamical, corrects the form of a face.

Haircut tips

  • If you don’t have time for styling, just dry your hair head down, ruffling it at the roots.
  • For extra volume, you can use rollers of different diameters or root corrugations.
  • To keep your haircut in shape, update it regularly – trim and fillet the strands about once a month.
  • As filtration can lead to hair cross-section, it is recommended to make masks with oils for the ends of the strands.

Italian haircut is a modern haircut from the 80s, which has won the hearts of fashionistas of all ages. If you can’t afford to spend a lot of time on daily styling, but want to look dynamic and stylish – this hairstyle is for you!

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