How to hide the defects of appearance with your hair

In addition to the shape of the face, it is important to consider other parameters when choosing a haircut or bangs:

A face with a big or long nose looks good with medium-length layered haircuts, obliquely filleted bangs and side parting. It is also possible to make a small scale in the area of the back of the head. Smoothly combed straight hair, straight hair, high and short hairstyles are best avoided.

Elderly girls will be fine with long and well-profiled bangs. Abandon perfectly straight hair and smooth styling, small waves and curls. The best option is large curls and waves.

The bangs help to hide the high or low forehead: long forehead is suitable for low foreheads and short foreheads for high foreheads. Smoothly combed hair is contraindicated.

The short neck can be visibly pulled out with short haircuts, the back edging of which is made in the form of an elongated cape. A good variant is the A-bob haircut: its side strands visually extend the short neck. If a woman has long hair, high hairstyles will also help to visually extend the neck. It is desirable to abandon the bundles, braids and horsetails, located on the back of the head.

The long, thin neck looks more proportionate when complemented by a cascade of shoulder lengths. Styles that open the neck are contraindicated. But some women prefer to show off their swan neck, so make short hairstyles.

A small beveled chin is balanced with A-bob or long straight hair that lengthens the face.

To brighten up a heavy chin helps any kind of bangs, except perfectly smooth, repeating the line of the lower jaw. The haircut should have a soft rounded line (cascade fits well), just below the chin. It is not recommended to put your hair in the tail.

A small head with a flat nape in the back of the head will look more proportionate with short and medium hair that has a volume in the nape of the neck.

Large-headed women are not recommended to wear short volumetric hairstyles, perm, fine curls, straight and lapped strands. Instead, take a closer look at multi-layered haircut lengths to the shoulders or just below.

Dropped (“bulldog”) cheeks accentuate ultra-short hairstyles, small curls, straight strands along the face. Disguise them with structured hairstyles, such as a rack.

If there are baldheads on the sides of the forehead that form a so-called “widow’s peak”, you can hide them with Choice of hair clipping by hair structure

To get your hair right, pay attention to the structure of your hair:

  • For fine and rare hair, haircuts of the same length are suitable. Because the density of your hair allows you to create volume. For easy styling, a small degree of graduation is possible.
  • As it is difficult to take care of long, thick hair, you can do pixies or pags. But if you want a medium to long hairstyle, you can profile your hair and do a cascading haircut.
  • Soft, fluffy hair doesn’t hold its shape or style well, so it doesn’t have to be cut with a strict architecture (e.g. sessoon). Instead, make a carriage or cascade.
  • You can give your straight hair volume with a ladder and a bean. Smooth and straight hair is also suitable – for example, in the form of a rack.
  • Curly and curly hair doesn’t look good with short hair, as it makes your head look like dandelion. It is better to pay attention to the graduated hairstyles and elongated oblique bangs from the top.

There are many online resources that allow you to choose the best women’s hairstyle online. You need to make a suitable photo with combed back hair and a maximally open face and upload it to the site. Such programs allow you not only to pick up your hair by shape and features, but also to choose a new hair color.

Whatever your face – ideally oval or having a non-standard shape – you will be able to choose the right haircut for it, if you follow the advice!

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