Fashionable medium haircuts

If you don’t think short hair is feminine enough, and long hairs scare you with complicated styling and care, then medium lengths are the best option. So, what makes medium haircuts so appealing to women, what are they like and how do you find the right one?


The average length of hair is 15-25 cm. According to hairdresser’s terminology, this category includes haircuts of 2 and 3 lengths (from the chin to shoulders or slightly lower). Haircuts for medium hair have a number of advantages:

  • It is possible to create a set of variants of fashionable styles – from impertinent and rebellious to strict and romantic.
  • Hair can be worn loose, evening hairstyling, braiding or a simple horse’s tail.
  • No need for frequent correction (even slightly overgrown hair looks spectacular).
  • With the right choice of haircut, you can visually adjust the shape of the face, emphasize its advantages and hide disadvantages (for example – a long nose or sharp features).
  • Suitable for women of any age and social status.

Variants of modern medium haircuts

These include different types of rack, bean, page, session and cascade. Also, in recent years, the choice of many fashionistas are fashionable grunge options – for example, with shaved whiskey.

Cascade, debut, caprice, Rhapsody and Italian

Fashion for the cascade hasn’t gone away in a decade. Among his devoted admirers are Jennifer Aniston, Emma Stone, Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek and others.

The Medium Hair Cascade is a versatile and trendy haircut that is easy to maintain. It gives hair extra volume, creates a romantic and feminine look, and is well suited for dyeing, evening and everyday hairstyling. Cascade hairstyles look good on any type of hair – straight, wavy and even on curly strands.

The debut is a kind of beautiful middle-hair haircut that is often confused with cascade and rhapsody. But the debut differs from her close relatives in the fact that this one has a softer shape and is always shaped in the form of an arc.

Caprice. This volumetric haircut is most often performed on short hair, but also on medium hair it looks spectacular. The Caprice is characterised by deep filleting, which makes the ends of the strand form sharp cogs. It looks good both without bangs and with an elongated profiled bangs.

Rhapsody and Italian (also known as Aurora) are cut according to the same principle as the cascade but have some differences. The classic cascade has a smooth transition between the layers, and the rhapsody and the Italian woman have a distinct boundary between the cutting lines and are subject to deeper filleting. The length of the control strand in the creation of rhapsody and Italian women is smaller than that of the cascade. As a result, the hair in the calf zone is shorter.


The ladder is one of the most popular women’s middle haircuts. It gives the hair the necessary volume, makes the hair shape softer and smoother, visually softens the angularity of cheekbones and heavy chin line. This haircut is chosen by many stars: Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Mila Kunis, Kaylie Kuoko.

A distinctive feature of the staircase is the smooth transition of the side strands that frame the face. Such a transition can be achieved with the help of graduation and reduction. The ladder looks harmoniously on straight or slightly curly hair, but is not suitable for lush curls, as its structure will be almost invisible.


Kare is a classic haircut that hasn’t been in fashion for two thousand years. The classic variant of the kare is a haircut up to the middle of the neck or shoulders. It has a strict geometric shape and is complemented by straight bangs to the middle of the forehead or eyebrows – this is exactly the kind of haircut that was popular in Ancient Egypt.

Modern variations of the kare have differences from the ancient Egyptian classics. They are represented by the following varieties of the haircut on medium hair:

  • A long carriage. If the maximum length of the classic hair rack is up to shoulder level, then when creating an extended version of hair can reach the collarbone or fall by 3-5 cm below. The lower edge of the hair is processed by a straight cut or has a slight fillet. The check can be any or absent at all. Fans of the elongated medium hair rack – Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma, Sandra Bullock.
  • Asymmetrical. Extravagant haircut, where the master cuts the strands on the left and right sides of the face at different levels. As a result, the length of hair on one side can be 5-10 cm longer than on the other. The optimal choice of bangs is oblique, combed side by side or elongated. Asymmetrical haircut owners are Paris Hilton, Rosamund Pike, Rihanna and Cameron Diaz.
  • Carre-bob. With the light hand of Irene Castle, who in the early twentieth century was one of the first to wear such a haircut, bean kare firmly entrenched in the fashionable Olympus. Today, Keira Knightley and Victoria Beckham like bean kares. Unlike the classical variant, the appearance of the bean carriage is different: it has more rounded outlines and follows the shape of the head. Bob-carry for middle hair is always performed with graduation. One of the advantages of this hairstyle is the absence of the need for careful styling. You can simply dry your hair with a hairdryer, lifting it slightly at the roots.
  • To lengthen. Its second name is a square with an angle. Hair at the back is shorter than the strands at the face. The result is a smooth transition between the hair on the back of the head and on the sides. If the difference between the length of the hair is 10 cm or more, it turns out to be an acute angle – such a hairstyle looks extravagant. Her fans are Gwyneth Paltrow and Lera Kudryavtseva.
  • Graduated. The cutting technique involves the creation of several layers, each of which is slightly longer than the previous one. This results in a voluminous and dynamic hairstyle. Graduated to the face of celebrities such as Elisha Cuthbert and Heidi Klum.
  • A torn carrot. The execution technique resembles a graduated rack. Hair is also graded, but the master performs it with a special hairdresser’s razor. The use of the blade allows for a very fine and sharp cut. With the help of a torn haircut, you can visually add volume to rare hair. This hairstyle has been tried on by many celebrities, such as Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stephanie.

Bob… Bob.

If you’re looking for a haircut that fits any face and hair type, the bean is what you need. Versatile and feminine, it gives your hair extra volume and makes it lusher.

  • Extended. Long bean (or lob – long bob) – a trend that does not lose relevance. Rosamund Pike, Kara Delevinh, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence appreciate its advantages. The length of the haircut varies from shoulder line to collarbone. It is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair. To stylize long beans, you can straighten your hair with an iron, give it carelessness with a foam and hair dryer, or weave strands with a flat strip.
  • Tearful. A hairdresser’s blade is used to create a torn bean. Hair is graded, resulting in sharp “feathers”. Thanks to the cutting technique, it looks bold. It is recommended to add an original bang – short, torn, curved, long or combed behind the ear – to make the torn bean fit harmoniously into the image.
  • Graduated. Graduated bean on middle hair is a cross between a classic bean and a cascade. Cutting is done in layers, increasing the length of the strands. The result is a soft and feminine hairstyle.

Page, session.

Page and session (session) – retro shearing, which has long become a classic. They almost do not require staking. These hairstyles have small differences:

  • The accessory is more voluminous than the pag.
  • The classic pag has smooth bangs and the session is semi-circular.
  • At the creation of a haircut the page-hair are cut on one line, and at the performance of session – in a circle. As a result, the occipital zone has longer strands than the sides.
  • The main difference is in the technique of execution. The accessory is always cut in layers, “on fingers”, and at the creation of a paste, hair cut on one line.

These hairstyles are only suitable for perfectly straight hair, as they look less spectacular on curly and fluffy hair.


The hat is also called a double punishment. The hair at the top of the head is cut strand by strand, and at the bottom, its length remains the original length. The lower edges of the haircut are cut straight or graduated.


This haircut was at its peak in the ’70s, but even today it looks very modern. The hairstyle is characterised by its angularity, which is achieved by a deep branching. In the classic variant, hair clippings on the temples are triangled in the form of a sharp triangle, on the top and in the rear parietal zone, they are graded. The Gavroche blends well with the torn, very short and elongated bangs, trimmed with dentition. Hairstyling should be voluminous and ruffled.


Grange is preferred by bright and shocking young girls who are not afraid to attract attention. More mature women, especially those in serious positions, may not have the right hairstyles. One of the most unusual celebrities who prefer grunge middle haircuts is Yolandy Fisher.

For a rebellious look, choose a haircut with extra volume around the top and back of the head. Haircuts with pronounced graduations will be the actual option: hair cut with sharp “feathers” look bold and bold. To emphasise non-trivial hairstyling, do the right styling: for example, apply wax to the hairline and whisk the hair with your hands or make a comb on the top.

With the whiskey shaved

If you’re not afraid to experiment, try a whisky haircut. This hairstyle is a trend even among celebrities, it is preferred by Natalie Dormer, Rihanna, Avril Lavin.

You can easily change your image, for example, scratch long hair sideways and open the shaved temple and get the look of a rebellion. If you spread your hair evenly and close both temples, you get a romantic look.

Haircuts with shaved whiskies require constant care and correction and are difficult to grow evenly. Also, keep in mind that such hairstyles must be complemented by stylish clothes and bright maikapami.

With Bangs.

Middle-hair haircut is well combined with different types of bangs: straight, oblique, even, profiled, elongated and short bangs. The main thing when choosing the right bangs is the shape of the face.

How to Choose a Medium Hair Cut

In order for your haircut to blend in well with the way it is done, it is important to consider the hair structure, the shape of your face and the purpose you’re pursuing (for example, to add volume to your hair or to create a bold, creative look).

By structure and hair type

  • Rare and fine hair. Cuttings such as bean care, an elongated beam with an angle on the leg, asymmetrical care, a cascade help to give hair more volume.
  • Thick. If the hair is very thick and heavy, the wizard can cut off an extra layer of hair or do deep fillets. This will allow you to keep your hairstyle in shape. For thick strands, haircuts that require feather trimming – for example, Gavroche, grunge and torn beans – are suitable.
  • Curly, curly and fluffy. These hair types are suitable for any hairstyles other than those that need to keep in perfect shapes, such as ladders, pages and sessions.
  • Straight hair. For straight hair, choose any haircut.

By hair colour.

Blondes and blondes sometimes complain that their hair doesn’t look big enough because of its light tone. They can look closely at the hairstyles with extra volume: cascade, elongated bean and elongated frame, rhapsody or Italian woman.

Cloths and brunettes usually have a contrasting appearance, so they face the cut with a pronounced geometry: for example, a classic rack with a bang, an elongated rack, a long bean, sessoon and a pag.

The red girls are bright in themselves, so they face any haircut on the middle hair. Stylish effect on the red strands will produce sessoon, toothpaste and beans.

If you want to do gradient hair colouring (melting, omber, balayage, connecting rod), the most original it will look on the elongated frame, beans, beans with an angle, asymmetrical and cascading haircuts. A shocking and brave fashionista can perform bright colouring of individual strands in blue, green and crimson colour. For this purpose, grunge, asymmetrical and haircuts with shaved whiskey are best suited.

In the shape of a face.

Not all girls can boast the perfect oval face. Beautiful haircut on the middle hair will help you visually correct its shape.

Oval. The owners of an oval face fit all hairstyles – with or without a bangs.

Round face. To visually narrow the face, choose haircuts with slanting, asymmetrical and elongated bangs. Avoid hairstyles that have volume in the cheekbones and cheeks, as well as do not wear a straight parting and do not comb hair smoothly on the sides. It is advisable to say goodbye to hairstyles that follow the shape of your head, such as sessoon and beans on the leg. Instead, pay attention to the elongated bean, elongated carriage and cascade.

Square and rectangular. To soften the heavy line of the lower jaw, use a ladder, torn and graded cascade cuts, asymmetrical carriage, bean-beam on a leg with an angle. The main thing to avoid is to cut the chin line: for example, give up the classic bangs (straight to the eyebrows and evenly shortened). But the elongated oblique bangs visually balance the proportions of the face.

Skinny and elongated. Choose volumetric haircut to the shoulders or just below – multi-layer cascade, rhapsody, aurora, long bean. Don’t forget your bangs: they will help hide your high forehead. Avoid a direct sample, as it pulls the face out even more.

Triangular. Slanting bangs will help balance a wide forehead, pronounced cheekbones and a bevelled chin. Cut-outs with an accent in the lower part of the face are recommended – cascade, ladder, bean with an angle, elongated frame.

Haircuts on medium hair can be very different: romantic and sophisticated, bold and shocking. Choose any of your favorite options: based on cascade, rack, bean, sessune, paja and grunge! The main thing that it is necessary to consider at a choice of an optimum variant, is the form of your face and type of hair.

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